Oil and Gas services
Effective Design

Initial Site Investigation
From cost effective topographic mapping to addressing environmental concerns, we have the capabilities to assist you in your initial due diligence.

Boundary & Topographic Surveying
We are your sole resource for site mapping. We can help you get your project of the ground with our boundary and topographic surveying services, and bring closure to a project by providing as built plans.

Construction Layout
With our decades of layout experience, we know the client's focus is about getting equipment on the ground and running. Our crews are highly effective as using a variety of field equipment to effectively provide layout; from RTK GPS to Robotic Total Stations. In addition, we provide the necessary 3-D modeling for clients utilizing GPS grade control for site excavation. We provide our clients unmatched service, with a dedicated representative, rapid turn around, and 24/ availability.

Design Services
For designs ranging from pad and impoundment sites, to wide area pipeline routing and profiling, we effectively produce the design documents necessary intoday's fast paced exploration and extraction arena. From erosion and sediment control plans to cut&fill analysis; we provide our clients with the services they need within a time frame that keeps pace with their deadlines.

Our experienced team is able to aid in the process of Permit Applications. NJPDES, Dams, General Stream and Wetland Crossing, and USACoE. Wilkinson and Associates, Inc. is your partner getting your project off (or in) the ground.
From Erosion & Sediment Control Permits, Dam Permits, General Permits for Stream and Wetland Crossings, to USACE Joint Permits, obtaining approvals to move forward is our first priority.

Construction Services
Centralized Water Impoundment Design & Construction
Frac Water Transfer Design & Pump Operations
Fusion Pipe Installation
Construction Management & Site Inspection
Water Pipeline Analysis

At Wilkinson & Associates, Inc., our Oil and Gas division our serves our clients with a creative and innovative operating philosophy. The value of our service presents itself in two ways: immediate improvement in the quality and efficiency of your project's design and plan preparation, and the reduction of your engineering costs to drive the project from concept to final approval. Our commitment to your job satisfaction combined with our technical expertise guarantees a project well done.
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Services provided to our natural resource clients include initial site investigations, environmental studies, boundary and topographic surveying, drilling pad design, impoundment design, erosion and sediment control plans as well as pipeline routing. Our team of Professionals are licensed in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, OH, TX, UT, WY, AND TX, and are trained with the current Pa DEP Oil and Gas Division